austin1.gif (373 bytes) Mark Austin,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and
Institute for Systems Research ,
University of Maryland at College Park.





  • Model-Based Systems Engineering and Integration.
  • Systems Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Cyber-Physical Systems and Digital Twins.
  • Algorithms and Computational Tools for Energy-Efficient Building Simulation.
  • Semantic Approaches to Distributed Systems Behavior Modeling.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Observation and Modeling of Urban Behavior.
  • Experimental software development for Whistle.

I am keen to work with new graduate students in the Civil Systems Program (CEE), the Masters of Systems Engineering Program (MSSE at ISR) and the Applied Math Program.


  • Parastoo Delgoshaei (Postdoctoral Researcher at NIST): AI for Enhanced Building Control.
  • Leonard Petnga (University of Alabama, Huntsville): Model-Based Systems Integration for Cyber-Physical Systems.
  • Clara Popescu Brooks (Ph.D. in Civil Systems): Machine Learning Algorithms and Semantics for System of Systems.
  • Maria Coelho (Ph.D. in Civil Systems): AI/Machine Learning for Management of Failures in Urban Networks.
  • Sachraa Borjigin (Ph.D. in Civil Systems): AI for Urban Networks Design.
  • Joel Abraham (MSSE): Semantic Foundations for Formalizing Preclinical Brain Tumor Models.
  • Zebo Peng (MS in Civil Systems): Semantic Modeling and Control of Urban Water Supply Networks.
  • Nathan Boyd (MS in Civil Systems): AI/ML for Maintenance of Urban Networks.
  • Shivam Mishra (MSSE): Graph Embedding Representations for Systems Engineering.
  • Nilanjana Ghosh (MSSE): Sensor Fusion and AI/ML for Urban Networks.

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Publications listed on Google Scholar .


  • Delgoshaei P., Heidarinejad M., and Austin M.A. , Combined Ontology-Driven and
    Machine Learning Approach to Management of Building Energy Consumption ( pdf ),
    2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild, Chicago, September 26-28, 2018.
  • Coelho M., Austin M.A., and Blackburn M.R. , The Data-Ontology-Rule Footing: A Building Block for
    Knowledge-Based Development and Event-Driven Execution of Multi-Domain Systems, ( pdf ),
    2018 Conference on Systems Engineering Research, Charlottsville, VA, May 8-9, 2018.
  • Blackburn M.R., Austin M.A., and Coelho M. , Modeling and Cross-Domain Dependability Analysis of
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    Vancouver, Canada, April 23-26, 2018, pp. 23-30.
  • Petnga L., Austin M.A. and Kaisar E. , Formal Analysis of Delays in Waterway System Operations with
    Timed Automata Modeling, The 7th METRANS International Urban Freight Conference (I-NUF),
    Long Beach, CA, October 17--20, 2017.
  • Delgoshaei P., Heidarinejad M., Austin M.A., and Pertzborn A.J. , Semantic Inference-Based Control Strategies for
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    Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (ISHVAC 2017), Jinan, China, October 19--22, 2017.
  • Delgoshaei P., Austin M.A., Pertzborn A., Heidarinejad M. and Chandan V. , Towards a Semantically-enabled
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  • Petnga L., Austin M.A. and Blackburn M.B. , Semantically-enabled Model-based Systems Engineering of
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  • Knizhnik J., Austin M.A. and Carignan C. , Robotic Satellite Servicing Trade Space Down Selection ( pdf ),
    27th Annual INCOSE International Symposium (INCOSE 2017), Adelaide, Australia, July 15-20, 2017.


  • Austin M.A. and Johnson J. , Compositional Approach to Distributed System Behavior Modeling and
    Formal Validation of Infrastructure Operations with Finite State Automata: Application to Viewpoint-Driven
    Verification of Functionality in Waterways ( pdf ), Systems, Vol. 6, No. 2, January 2018, p. 28.
  • Coelho M., Austin M.A. and Blackburn M.R. , Semantic Behavior Modeling and Event-Driven Reasoning for
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    Vol. 10, No 3 and 4, December 2017, pp. 365-382.
  • Delgoshaei P. and Austin M.A. , Framework for Knowledge-Based Fault Detection and Diagnostics in
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    International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, Vol. 10, No 3 and 4, December 2017, pp. 393-409.
  • Petnga L. and Austin M.A. , Model-Based Design and Formal Verification Processes for Automated Waterway
    System Operations ( pdf ), Systems: Special Issue on Product, Process, System Design Review Methods and
    Tools, Vol. 4, No. 2, June 2016, p. 23.
  • Petnga L. and Austin M.A. , An Ontological Framework for Knowledge Modeling and Decision Support in
    Cyber-Physical Systems ( pdf ), Advanced Engineering Informatics, Vol. 30, No. 1, January 2016, pp. 77-94.


  • Coelho M., Austin M.A., and Blackburn M. , Distributed System Behavior Modeling of Urban Systems with Ontologies,
    Rules and Many-to-Many Association Relationships ( pdf ),
    The Twelth International Conference on Systems (ICONS 2017), Venice, Italy, April 23-27, 2017, pp. 10-15.
    Best Paper Award.
  • Arellano A., Carney E., and Austin M.A. , Natural Language Processing of Textual Requirements ( pdf ),
    The Tenth International Conference on Systems (ICONS 2015), Barcelona, Spain, April 19-24, 2015.
    Best Paper Award.
  • Austin M.A., Delgoshaei P., and Nguyen A. , Distributed Systems Behavior Modeling with Ontologies, Rules, and
    Message Passing Mechanisms ( pdf ), Procedia Computer Science, vol. 44, pp. 373--382, 2015.
    MITRE Best Transition in Systems Engineering Research Award.
  • Petnga L. and Austin M.A. , Ontologies of Time and Time-based Reasoning for MBSE of Cyber-Physical Systems ( pdf ),
    Procedia Computer Science, vol. 16, pp. 403--412, 2013.
    Best Conference Paper Award.
  • Mosteller M., Austin M.A., Yang S., and Ghodssi R. , Platforms for Engineering Experimental Biomedical Systems ( pdf ),
    14th Annual International Symposium of The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE 2012),
    Rome, Italy, July 9-12, 2012.
    Best Paper Award.
  • Austin M.A. and Kaisar E. , Multi-Level Object-Based Modeling of Narrow Passageway Transportation Systems,
    6th World MultiConference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics, July 14-18, Orlando, FL, 2002.
    Best Paper Award (Section on Information Technology Applications in Transportation).

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