Collaborators with the Klauda Lab

Name Location Area of Research
Mikhail Anisimov UMD Hydrotropes and Aggregration
Amy Karlsson UMD AMP and Osh proteins
Sergei Sukharev UMD (Biology) Metal Ions with Membranes
Arvind Balijepalli NIST Biological Sensing, FET, Neurochemicals Sensing
Rich Pastor NIH Lipid Membrane: FF, Simulations and Methods
Klaus Gawrisch NIH NMR on Lipid Membranes
Wonpil Im Lehigh University CHARMM-GUI, Outer Membrane of Bacteria, Lipids, etc.
Stephanie Nagle Carnegie Mellon University AMP and membranes (x-ray scattering)
Jonathan Sachs U. Minnesota Plasmalogens
Bryan Berger U. Virginia Lyase and Plexin Proteins