About Dr. Jeff Klauda

Teaching at UMD

Course # Full Name Yeas/Semester Recent Syllabus
ENCH477/648G Statistics and Design of Experiments (Elective) S2008-12, F2012 N/A
ENCH610 Graduate Thermodynamics Fall 2008,2010,2023-24 F2010
CHBE476/CHBE648P Molecular Modeling Methods S2010, S2014-15 S2015
CHBE410 Statistics and Design of Experiments (required) F2012-F2016 F2016
CHBE302 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II F2011, S2013,16-24 S2018
CHBE301 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I Fall (2017-21) F2017

Professional Socieity

Years Membership
1999-current American Institute of Chemical Engineers
2000-current American Chemical Society
2004-current Biophysical Society