Dana (Glasner) Dachman-Soled

Dana (Glasner) Dachman-Soled

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and UMIACS
Department of Computer Science (affiliate)
University of Maryland
3407 A.V. Williams Building
College Park, MD 20742, USA

Phone: (301) 405-9927
Email: danadach at ece dot umd dot edu

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About Me

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am also affiliated with the Maryland Cybersecurity Center. I am supported in part by NSF, including an NSF CAREER award, a Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement award, a financial assistance award from NIST and a research partnership award from Cisco. I am also the recipient of a Summer 2016 Research and Scholarship (RASA) award.
Prior to joining University of Maryland, I spent two years as a postdoc at Microsoft Research New England. Before that, I completed my PhD at Columbia University under the supervision of Prof. Tal Malkin.
Here is my CV (March 2019).

Research Interests

My research interests are in cryptography, complexity theory and security. I have broad interests in cryptography including security against physical attacks, post-quantum cryptography, secure multiparty computation, and black-box complexity. I am also interested in property testing of Boolean functions and cryptographic hardness of learning.

Students and Postdocs

Current PhD Students:
  • Mukul Kulkarni
  • Aria Shahverdi
  • Huijing Gong

Graduated PhD Students:
  • Aishwarya Thiruvengadam (co-advised with Jonathan Katz). First position--postdoc at UCSB.

Postdocs (Current and Past):
Visiting Researchers (Current and Past):


  • Mitigating Reverse Engineering Attacks on Deep Neural Networks.
    Y. Liu, D. Dachman-Soled, A. Srivastava.
    ISVLSI 2019, to appear.
  • Non-Malleable Codes Against Bounded Polynomial Time Tampering.
    M. Ball, D. Dachman-Soled, M. Kulkarni, H. Lin, T. Malkin.
    Eurocrypt 2019, to appear.
  • Constant-Round Group Key-Exchange from the Ring-LWE Assumption.
    D. Apon, D. Dachman-Soled, H. Gong, J. Katz.
    PQCrypto 2019, to appear.
  • Upper and Lower Bounds for Continuous Non-Malleable Codes.
    D. Dachman-Soled, M. Kulkarni.
    PKC 2019, to appear.
  • Non-Malleable Codes for Small-Depth circuits.
    M. Ball, D. Dachman-Soled, S. Guo, T. Malkin, L.Y. Tan.
    FOCS 2018. eprint version
  • Non-Malleable Codes from Average-Case Hardness: AC0, Decision Trees, and Streaming Space-Bounded Tampering
    M. Ball, D. Dachman-Soled, M. Kulkarni, T. Malkin.
    Eurocrypt 2018. eprint version
  • Local Non-Malleable Codes in the Bounded Retrieval Model
    D. Dachman-Soled, M. Kulkarni, A. Shahverdi.
    PKC 2018. eprint version
  • On the Leakage Resilience of Ideal-Lattice Based Public Key Encryption
    D. Dachman-Soled, H. Gong, M. Kulkarni, A. Shahverdi.
    Manuscript. Can be found here.
  • Improved, Black-Box, Non-Malleable Encryption from Semantic Security
    S. G. Choi, D. Dachman-Soled, T. Malkin, H. Wee.
    Designs, Codes and Cryptography, to appear.
  • Tight Upper and Lower Bounds for Leakage-Resilient, Locally Decodable and Updatable Non-Malleable Codes
    D. Dachman-Soled, M. Kulkarni, A. Shahverdi
    PKC 2017.
  • Towards Non-Black-Box Separations of Public Key Encryption and One Way Functions
    D. Dachman-Soled
    TCC B-2016.
  • Non-Malleable Codes for Bounded Depth, Bounded Fan-in Circuits
    M. Ball, D. Dachman-Soled, M. Kulkarni, T. Malkin
    Eurocrypt 2016. eprint version
  • 10-Round Feistel is Indifferentiable from an Ideal Cipher
    D. Dachman-Soled, J. Katz, A. Thiruvengadam
    Eurocrypt 2016. eprint version
  • Leakage-Resilient Public-Key Encryption from Obfuscation
    D. Dachman-Soled, S.D. Gordon, F.H. Liu, A. O'Neill, H.S. Zhou
    PKC 2016.
  • Efficient Concurrent Covert Computation of String Equality and Set Intersection
    C. Cho, D. Dachman-Soled, S. Jarecki
    CT-RSA 2016.
  • Oblivious Network RAM and Leveraging Parallelism to Achieve Obliviousness
    D. Dachman-Soled, C. Liu, C. Papamanthou, E. Shi, U. Vishkin
    Asiacrypt 2015. eprint version
  • Leakage-Resilient Circuits Revisited -- Optimal Number of Computing Components without Leak-free Hardware
    D. Dachman-Soled, F. H. Liu, H. S. Zhou
    Eurocrypt 2015. eprint version
  • Locally Decodable and Updatable Non-Malleable Codes and Their Applications
    D. Dachman-Soled, F. H. Liu, E. Shi, H. S. Zhou
    TCC 2015. eprint version
  • Adaptively Secure, Universally Composable, Multi-Party Computation in Constant Rounds
    D. Dachman-Soled, J. Katz, V. Rao
    TCC 2015. eprint version
  • Approximate resilience, monotonicity, and the complexity of agnostic learning
    D. Dachman-Soled, V. Feldman, L.Y. Tan, A. Wan, K. Wimmer
    SODA 2015.

  • Feasibility and Infeasibility of Secure Computation with Malicious PUFs
    D. Dachman-Soled, N. Fleischhacker, J. Katz, A. Lysyanskaya, D. Schröder
    Crypto 2014.

  • Leakage-Tolerant Computation with Input-Independent Preprocessing
    N. Bitansky, D. Dachman-Soled, H. Lin
    Crypto 2014.

  • A Black-Box Construction of a CCA2 Encryption Scheme from a Plaintext Aware Encryption Scheme
    D. Dachman-Soled
    PKC 2014.

  • On Minimal Assumptions for Sender-Deniable Public Key Encryption
    D. Dachman-Soled
    PKC 2014.

  • Enhanced Chosen-Ciphertext Security and Applications
    D. Dachman-Soled, G. Fuchsbauer, P. Mohassel; A. O'Neill
    PKC 2014.

  • Securing Circuits and Protocols Against 1/poly(k) Tampering Rate
    D. Dachman-Soled, Y. T. Kalai
    TCC 2014.

  • Can Optimally-Fair Coin Tossing be Based on One-Way Functions?
    D. Dachman-Soled, M. Mahmoody, T. Malkin
    TCC 2014.

  • Adaptive and Concurrent Secure Computation from New Adaptive, Non-Malleable Commitments
    D. Dachman-Soled, T. Malkin, M. Raykova and M. Venkitasubramaniam
    Asiacrypt 2013. eprint version
  • Why "Fiat-Shamir for Proofs" Lacks a Proof
    N. Bitansky, D. Dachman-Soled, S. Garg, A. Jain, Y. T. Kalai, A. Lopez-Alt, D. Wichs
    TCC 2013.
    Merge of this and this.
  • On The Centrality of Off-Line E-Cash to Concrete Partial Information Games
    S. G. Choi, D. Dachman-Soled, M. Yung
    SCN 2012. pdf
  • Securing Circuits Against Constant-Rate Tampering
    D. Dachman-Soled, Y. T. Kalai
    CRYPTO 2012. eprint version
  • Efficient Password Authenticated Key Exchange via Oblivious Transfer
    R. Canetti, D. Dachman-Soled, V. Vaikuntanathan, H. Wee
    PKC 2012.
  • Computational Extractors and Pseudorandomness
    D. Dachman-Soled, R. Gennaro, H. Krawczyk, T. Malkin
    TCC 2012. eprint version
  • A canonical form for testing Boolean function properties
    D. Dachman-Soled and R. Servedio
    RANDOM 2011. pdf
  • Secure Efficient Multiparty Computing of Multivariate Polynomials and Applications
    D. Dachman-Soled, T. Malkin, M. Raykova and M. Yung
    ACNS 2011. pdf
  • On the Black-Box Complexity of Optimally-Fair Coin Tossing
    D. Dachman-Soled, Y. Lindell, M. Mahmoody, T. Malkin
    TCC 2011. pdf
  • Improved Non-Committing Encryption with Applications to Adaptively Secure Protocols
    S. G. Choi, D. Dachman-Soled, T. Malkin and H. Wee
    Asiacrypt, 2009. pdf
  • Efficient Robust Private Set Intersection
    D. Dachman-Soled, T. Malkin, M. Raykova and M. Yung
    ACNS, 2009. pdf
  • Simple, Black-Box Constructions of Adaptively Secure Protocols
    S.G. Choi, D. Dachman-Soled, T. Malkin and H. Wee
    TCC, 2009. pdf
  • Optimal Cryptographic Hardness of Learning Monotone Functions
    D. Dachman-Soled, H. Lee, T. Malkin, R. Servedio, A. Wan and H. Wee
    ICALP, 2008. pdf
  • Black-Box Construction a Non-Malleable Encryption Scheme from Any Semantically Secure One
    S.G. Choi, D. Dachman-Soled, T. Malkin and H. Wee
    TCC, 2008. pdf
  • Distribution-Free Testing Lower Bounds for Basic Boolean Functions
    D. Glasner and R. Servedio
    RANDOM 2007. pdf
  • Configuration Reasoning and Ontology For Web
    D. Glasner and V. C. Sreedhar
    SCC, 2007.

  • Geometrical characteristics of regular polyhedra: Application to EXAFS studies of nanoclusters
    D. Glasner and A. I. Frenkel
    AIP Conf. Proc., 2007.

  • Geometry and Charge State of Mixed-Ligand Au13 Nanoclusters A. I. Frenkel, L. D. Menard, P. Northrup, J. A. Rodriquez, F. Zypman, D. Glasner, S.P. Gao, H. Xu, J.C. Yang and R.G. Nuzzo
    AIP Conf. Proc., 2007.


Professional Activities

Program Committee member: SCN 2012, CRYPTO 2013, PKC 2016, TCC 2016A, CCS 2016, NDSS 2017, PKC 2017, CRYPTO 2017, TCC 2017, PKC 2018, CRYPTO 2018, EUROCRYPT 2019, TCC 2019.