Teaching and Lectures of Interest

Below are links to class pages(some rather incomplete)

ENEE769R: Principles and Algorithms for Collectives: From Biology to Robotics (Fall 2012)

ENEE664: Optimal Control (Spring 2012)

ENEE765: Adaptive Control(Fall 2011)

ENEE661: Nonlinear Control Systems(Spring 2011)

ENEE660: System Theory(Fall 2010)

ENEE661: Nonlinear Control Systems (Spring 2010)

ENEE765: Adaptive Control (Fall 2009)

ENEE664: Optimal control (Spring 2009)

ENEE769e: Advanced Topics in Control - Game Theory: Dynamic and Evolutionary (Fall 2008)

ENEE324H: Engineering Probability (Spring 2007)

ENEE762: Stochastic Control (Fall 2006)

ENEE769B: Geometric Methods in Control and Information (Spring 2006)

Some special Expository Lectures

Bio-inspired Design of Systems

Control in Intelligent Servosystems Lab

Control and Sensing Research in ISL

Historical information about ISL

Motion Description Language

Control Systems on Lie Groups

Control, Observation and Feedback: a State Space View