Links of Interest

Key Links
  • Intelligent Servosystems Laboratory The primary goal of this laboratory (P. S. Krishnaprasad, lab director) is to advance the state-of-the-art in design and real-time control of smart systems.
  • Center for Communicating Networked Control Systems (ARO-MURI01)
  • Center for Dynamics and Control of Smart Structures (ARO-MURI97)
  • Center for Auditory and Acoustics Research (ONR-MURI97)
  • Eric Justh (close collaborator on patterns, adaptive optics and control of formations)
  • NSF/NIH Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (with Timothy Horiuchi, Cynthia Moss, Shihab Shamma and Jonathan Simon) (supported by NIH-NIBIB)
  • Additional Links
  • Computational Sensorimotor Systems Laboratory Timothy K. Horiuchi and jonathan Z. Simon, Directors. The CSSL focuses on the exploration, analysis, modeling and implementation of biological sensorimotor systems for both scientific and engineering purposes.
  • Auditory Neuroethology Laboratory Cynthia Moss, Director. The ANL studies auditory information processing, spatial perception, memory and sensorimotore integration.