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Min Wu 

During the years as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, I wrote a bimonthly editorial as an opening article in each issue of the Magazine.

I valued the opportunity to reflect on a number of topics, from education, to public outreach, to community building, to gender diversity, to the synergy with art and science, and many more. This page contains related information and links of the thoughts I shared with the readers then.

Selected Articles

  • A Conversation About Signal Processing at Elementary School (March 2017)

  • Signals and Signal Processing: The Invisibles and the Everlastings (November 2017)

Community Voices (organized and edited with Andres Kwasinski):

  • What Is the Future of Signal Processing? Views Across Our Community (November 2017)

Access the collection of editorials

You can find this collection from this link in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

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