David J. Lovell

Associate Professor

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Institute for Systems Research Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program Engineers Without Borders




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Spring 2016

ENCE 402 - Simulation and Design of Experiments. Review of statistics and hypothesis testing, sample design and design of experiments, generation of discrete and continuous distributions and their applications. Introduction of simulation languages and simulation of discrete and continuous engineering systems. Output analysis, model validation and sensitivity and reliability analysis.

Summer 2016

ENES 100 (Young Scholars Program) - Introduction to Engineering Design. Students work in teams to design and build search and rescue robots, while learning CAD, 3-D printing, electronics, and programming.


Fall 2016

ENES 100 - Introduction to Engineering Design. Students work in teams to design and build over-sand rover vehicles, while learning CAD, 3-D printing, mechanics, electronics, programming, and fundamentals of engineering design.


ENCE 688D / ENSE 698E Sensor Systems. Design and operation of instrumented systems, sensing system architecture and specifications. Requirements and specifications for sensing systems, sensor mechanisms, physics-based analytical and simulation models of sensors, sensor failure mechanisms, signal representation, signal processing, noise and other sources of interference, interfaces, statistical analysis of sensor outputs, networks of sensors, system validation, and systems-level analysis and design including optimization and tradeoffs.