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Current students

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Cara Chuang, M.S.
Cara finished her M.S. degree in 2017. She is currently a Systems Engineer at Leidos.


M.S. Thesis: An Analysis of the Relationship between Traffic Management Initiatives



James Jones, Ph.D.
Dr. Jones finished his Ph.D. in 2015. He currently works for MIT Lincoln Labs.


Ph.D. Dissertation: Optimization Models for Speed Control in Air Traffic Management

Kleoniki Vlachou, Ph.D.
Dr. Vlachou finished her Ph.D. in 2014. She currently works for Intelligent Automation, Inc., in Rockville, MD.


Ph.D. Dissertation: Aviation Congestion Management: Improvements in modeling the prediction, mitigation, and evaluation of congestion in the National Airspace System


Ruiqi Mu, M.S.
Ruiqi finished her M.S. degree in 2014. She works for the China Academy of Railway Sciences.


M.S. Scholarly Paper: Model Based Systems Engineering Verifying the TSRS (Temporary Speed Restriction Server) Systems for Railways using UPPAAL


Xenia Barnes, M.S.
Xenia finished her M.S. degree in 2014. She currently works for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


M.S. Scholarly Paper: Sensor Driven Airport Taxiway and Runway Control



Rong (Carina) Wang, M.S.
Carina finished her M.S. degree in 2012.


M.S. Thesis: Ration-by-Weight of Efficiency and Equity: A new allocation method in ground delay program planning


Andrew Churchill, Ph.D.
Dr. Churchill finished his Ph.D. in 2010. He currently works for Mosaic ATM in Leesburg, VA.


M.S. Thesis: Determining the Number of Slots to Submit to a Market Mechanism at a Single Airport    Full text (pdf)

Ph.D. Dissertation: Coordinated and Robust Aviation Network Resource Allocation


Moein Ganji, Ph.D.
Dr. Ganji finished his Ph.D. in 2010. He currently works for the Center for Advanced Aviation System Deployment (CAASD) of the MITRE Corporation.

Ph.D. Dissertation: Resource Allocation in Air Traffic Flow-Constrained Areas with Stochastic Termination Times


Molly Kluge, M.S.
Molly Kluge finished her M.S. degree in May 2010.

M.S. Scholarly Paper: Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams

Ke Liu, Ph.D.
Dr. Liu finished her Ph.D. in 2009. She is currently working for IBM in Shanghai, China.

Ph.D. Dissertation: Modeling of Consolidation by Household for Emergency Evacuation Events
Full text (pdf)


Kennis Chan, M.S.
Kennis Chan finished her M.S student degree in 2009. She is currently working for ATAC, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA.

M.S. Thesis: Determining the Relationship among Airport Operational Performance Areas And Other Airport Characteristics
Full text (pdf)


Deepak Shrestha, Ph.D.
Dr. Shrestha finished his Ph.D. in 2009. He currently works at his own family businesses, including Universolutions, LLC.

Ph.D. Dissertation: Modeling and Empirical Analyses of Tailgating Behavior of Drivers
Full text (pdf)



Dae Gun Kim, M.S.
Dae Gun Kim finished his M.S. degree in May 2009.

M.S. Scholarly Paper: Calculating Three-Dimensional Roadway Sight Distance with Thin Plate Splines

Hyoungsoo Kim, Ph.D.
Dr. Hyoungsoo Kim finished his Ph.D. in 2007. He currently works as a Senior Researcher for the Advanced Transport Research Division of the Korea Institute of Construction Technology.

Ph.D. Dissertation: A Simulation Framework for Traffic Information Dissemination in Ubiquitous Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Full text (pdf)


Emad Elshafei, Ph.D.
Dr. Emad Elshafei finished his Ph.D. in 2006. He currently works as the Chief of Traffic and Transportation, Department of Public Works, City of Rockville, MD. He is also a blazingly fast swimmer who has competed in the 1984 Olympic Games, the World Championships, three Mediterranean Games, and two African Games.

Ph.D. Dissertation: Decision-Making for Roadway Lane Designation among Variable Modes
Full text (pdf)


Taehyung Kim, Ph.D.
Dr. Taehyung Kim finished his Ph.D. in 2005. He currently works as a Research Associate at the Advanced Transportation Technology Research Center, The Korea Transport Institute (KOTI).

Ph.D. Dissertation: Observation and Modeling of Variability in Car-Following Behavior
Full text (pdf)


Gil Chlewicki, M.S.
Gil Chlewicki finished his M.S. degree in 2005.

M.S. Thesis: Performance Evaluation of Novel Intersection and Interchange Designs



Mark Suennen, M.S.
Mark Suennen finished his M.S. degree in 2004.

M.S. Scholarly Paper: Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Right Turns on Red at Signalized Intersections


Adil Rizvi, M.S.
M. Adil Rizvi finished his M.S. degree in 2003.

M.S. Scholarly Paper: Accuracy of Instantaneous Speed Measurements from RadioCamera Cellular Location System


Leon Anderson, M.S.
Leon Anderson finished his M.S. degree in 2003. He currently works for Gorove/Slade & Associates, Washington, DC.

M.S. Thesis: Tracking Vehicles using the Geolocation Capabilities of the Celluar Phone: Is it feasible?
Full text (pdf)


Paul Denard, B.S.
Paul Denard was a high school intern at the University of Maryland in 2002-2003. He went on to receive a full scholarship to North Carolina State University, and graduated from there with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering in 2007.



Pariya Tantakasem, M.S.
Pariya (Pop) Tantakasem received his M.S. in 2001. He is currently an Instructor at Mahidol University in Thailand.

M.S. Scholarly Paper: U.S. Roundabout Safety Analysis


Harsha Challa, M.S.
Harsha Challa received his M.S. degreen in 2000. He is currently a project engineer for I2 Logistics, Inc.

M.S. Scholarly Paper: The Importance of Logistics in Electronic Commerce


Somnuk Ngamchai, M.S.
Somnuk (Thai) Ngamchai received his M.S. degree in 2000. He currently works in the Revenue Management Division of Amtrak.

M.S. Thesis: Optimal Time Transfer in Bus Transit Route Design using a Genetic Algorithm