David J. Lovell


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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering                Institute for Systems Research          Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program                Engineers Without Borders


David J. Lovell received his B.A. degree in mathematics from Portland State University in 1990, his M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the

University of California, Berkeley in 1993, and his Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1997.


He has been teaching at the University of Maryland since 1997. His research interests include transportation facility design

vehicle technology, sensor systems, and air traffic management.


He held a visiting appointment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the 2006-07 academic year.

He will be a visiting professor at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, for the 2017-18 academic year.



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Upcoming events of interest:

12th USA/Europe Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar

June 26-30, Seattle, WA, USA