Robert W. Newcomb

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    Special Honors

    Research Interests

    analog VLSI, biomedical engineering especially ear type systems and heart models), circuit and systems theory (especially semistate theory and multiport synthesis), microsystems, neural networks (hardware & biologically motivated), robotics

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    Mailing Address:
    Robert W. Newcomb
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742
    Phone: [1]-(301)-405-3662 Fax: [1]-(301)-314-9281

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    Professor Newcomb directs the Microsystems Laboratory at UMD and is known for:

    • His outstanding students, having graduated over 60 Ph.D.s
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    • Design and fabrication of the first IC micromotor
    • His books in VLSI, control, and circuit theory, especially the citation classic "Linear Multiport Synthesis"
    • The first analog circuit designed specifically to give chaos
    • His n-dimensional Maxwell's equations and their application to human emotions
    • His support in perpetuity of the American Academy of Poets Prize at UMD
    • Conceptulization of the Soliton, the P-Adic, and the Fibonacci computers
    • The initiation of the semistate theory of circuits
    • His n-port synthesis techniques for analog and DSP systems
    • His distributional field-extension theory of time varying systems and his square-law non-associative algebra of state described systems
    • His pulse coded neural type cell and associated networks
    • VLSI implementation of biologically realistic neural components
    • The theory behind the KHN filters
    • His theory of curve tracing and knot tying robots
    • The initiation of the MTNS International Symposium
    • His facilitation of the Applied Mathematics Program at UMD
    • Initiation of the deep brain research program with Nevine El-Leithy
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    Research Topics under present activity

    • Modeling of live neurons on a VLSI chip
    • DSP models of the inner ear from Kemp echos for diagnostics
    • Theory and VLSI realization of the soliton computer
    • VLSI circuits for analog, digital, and integer valued neural networks
    • Functional neural networks and their realizations
    • IC realization of n-limit cycle oscillators
    • Theory and realization of hysteresis based chaos generators
    • Semistate theory for synthesis
    • Knot tying robotics

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