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The Microsystems Laboratory, under the direction of Professor Robert W. Newcomb, is devoted to student related research at the highest level and the minutest detail
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    Flow Chart of MSLab Research; 1995 - 1996
    Flow Chart of MSLab Research;
1995 - 1996

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    Affiliated Laboratories

  •  UC Irvine - Laboratory for Intelligent Signal Processing and Communications (LISPC)

  •  GWU - VLSI Lab

  •  Medical Informatics Lab

  •  Békésy Laboratory of Neurobiology, U. Hawaii

  •  CSANNLAB at Michigan State University

    Professorial UMD Researchers

    Paint Branch High School Research Interns

    Undergraduate Student Researchers

    MS Students

    Doctoral Students

    Postdoctoral and Visiting Researchers

  • Ms. Nevine El-Leithy
    . Second Messenger Neural Networks
    email address: nevina@eng.umd.edu
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  • Mr. William Lawler
    . VLSI for opto-electronic information processing.
    email address: wlawler@eng.umd.edu
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  • Mr. Miguel Angel Sacristan
    . VHDL design of systems
    email address: masac@eng.umd.edu
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  • Dr. Louiza Sellami
    . DSP Models for Kemp Echos
    email address: sellami@eng.umd.edu
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  • Dr. George Syrmos
    . Curve Tracing Robotics
    email address: syrmos@eng.umd.edu
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  • Dr. Xiqun Zhu
    . Signal Processing for On-Line TV Telephones
    email address: xiqun@eng.umd.edu
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