Project Management Program

Dr. Miroslaw J. Skibniewski

A. James Clark Chair Professor
Project Management Program
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
A. James Clark School of Engineering
E-Construction GroupUniversity of Maryland, College Park

Research Interest
Awards, Recogniztions & Honors
Activities & Service


Courses Taught at the University of Maryland, College Park

ENCE 420 Construction Equipment and Methods
ENCE 421 Legal Environment and Contracts for Construction
ENCE 626 Web-Based Project Management
ENCE 698 Research in Sensors and Sensor Networks for Civil Engineering Infrastructure Monitoring

Courses Taught at Purdue University

CE 221* Construction Plans and Estimates
CE 324 Labor Relations in Construction
CE 498 Civil Engineering Design Project
CE 520 Construction Project Control Systems
CE 521 Analysis of Construction Management Systems
CE 522 Computer Applications in Construction Engineering
CE 523 Selection and Utilization of Construction Equipment
CE 524 Legal Aspects in Engineering Practice
CE 526 Construction of Temporary Facilities
CE 597C Expert Systems in Construction Engineering
CE 597I International Construction
CE 5970 Computer Applications in Construction
CE 621 Construction Company Management
CE 697M Construction Robotics and Automation

In addition to pre-structured, traditional classroom-taught courses, Prof. Skibniewski conducted individually tailored, directed study coursework (CE 597 and CE 697 with variable course names) with individual students at Purdue University. Topics addressed in this fashion focused on highly specialized current research areas such as automated construction systems design and analysis, expert systems prototype development, reliability and risk analysis in construction, advanced technology transfer, neural networks and machine learning applications to construction engineering, and international construction.

In addition to working with graduate students at the M.S. and Ph.D. level, from time to time Prof. Skibniewski engages in his research undergraduate students as well. The most recent example (2005) of this activity is mentoring of a Purdue University undergraduate student in civil engineering (S. Steven) as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program supported by the National Science Foundation.

Contributions in Course and Curriculum Development

CE 697 M Construction Automation and Robotics.
CE 521 Analysis of Construction Management Systems.
CE 221 Construction Plans and Estimates.
CE 498 Civil Engineering Senior Design Project.
CE 520 Construction Project Control Systems.
CE 523 Selection and Utilization of Construction Equipment.
CE 597 C Expert Systems in Construction Engineering.
CE 597I International Construction Management.
CE 621 Construction Company Management.




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