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Jeffrey W. Herrmann


Objective: My research uses mathematical models to understand, model, and improve decision making by humans and autonomous systems.

This page is divided into the following sections:

  1. Research Collaborations and Students
  2. Research Areas and Projects
  3. About My Research
Publications: My publications include books, chapters, journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports. Many of these publications are available on-line.

Research Collaborations and Students

It is my pleasure to be advising the following students: Mehdi Dadfarnia, Prem Ganapathy, Vishal Gattani, Siddharth Gopal, Chien-Ming Huang, Prannoy Namala, and Eashwar Sathyamurthy. I am currently collaborating with the following faculty: Shapour Azarm, Mohammad Fazelpour, Erica Gralla, Craig Lawrence, Hongjie Liu, Don Milton, and Adam Porter.

Some recent theses and dissertations by my students:

Over the years my students, former students, their families, and I have had various opportunities to gather for fun and food. Please see the photo album for photos of these events.

Research Areas and Projects

The following web sites provide information about the research projects and efforts that we have completed and those that are underway:

About My Research

Research Lab: I am the director of the Simulation-Based System Design Laboratory. The lab has many faculty, students, and projects on a wide variety of topics related to simulation and system design. (This lab was formerly known as the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab.)

A video about my research.

A video of my ISR Colloquium (Fall, 2010) on Improving Planning for Public Health Emergencies.

A news story about my presentation to an Institute on Medicine committee.

A news story about our NSF grant for problem decomposition in facility design.

A news story about my promotion in 2015.

A news story about the Designing Innovations innovation and research stream for the University of Maryland's First-Year Innovation & Research Experience (FIRE) program.

A news story about our project on Planning and Metareasoning for Multi-Agent Systems with Variable Communication Availability.

A news story about my work planning mass vaccination clinics.

The announcement about our research partnership with UMBC and ARL on AI and multi-agent systems.

See also my Google Scholar page.

Last updated on June 2, 2022.