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Jeffrey W. Herrmann

Photo Album

Over the years my students, former students, their families, and I have had various opportunities to gather for fun and food. Here are some of the photos from those events.



Christmas, 2004, lunch: I, Laury, Sean Gahagan and family, Mark Treadwell, Peter Sandborn and family at a restaurant in Bowie.



Summer, 2005, pool party: Dan Fitzgerald, Brad and Sara Brochtrup, I, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mark Treadwell, and Mr. Fitzgerald on a cool day at the Crofton pool.


Christmas, 2005, lunch: Sean Gahagan and Melissa, I, Dan Fitzgerald, Mark Treadwell, Laury, Colleen, and Linda Schmidt at the Sly Horse Tavern in Crofton.


spring 2006

Spring, 2006, miniature golf expedition: Brad Brochtrup, Ali Pilehvar, Peter Lin, Tim Hoy, Elizabeth Hoy, Mark Treadwell, and Miss Brannigan at Rocky Gorge Golf.

Summer 2006

Summer, 2006, pool party and basketball game: Dan Fitzgerald, Brad and Sara Brochtrup, Ali Pilehvar, and Peter Lin at the Crofton pool basketball court.


spring 2007

Spring, 2007, miniature golf expedition: Back row: Peter Lin, Tabrez Shaikh, Tim Hoy, Dan Fitzgerald, Brad Brochtrup, Samuel Fomundam (and little Debbie). Front row: Bi Fomundam, Sana Shaikh, and Elizabeth Hoy.

Summer 2007

Summer, 2007, pool party: Brad and Sara Brochtrup, Peyman Karimian, I, Samuel Fomundam (and little Debbie).


spring 2008

Spring, 2008, miniature golf expedition: Peyman Karimian, Mark Treadwell, Brad Brochtrup, Peter Lin, Anahi, and the Delalio family (Nancy and David, Peter and Ethan).

summer 2008

Summer, 2008, pool party: Peyman Karimian, I, Colleen, Dan Fitzgerald, and Staci.


June 2009

Lunch, June, 2009: Jithesh Balasubramanian, Jeffrey Herrmann, Peter Lin, Stephanie Brown, Adam Montjoy, and Time Aigbe.


2009 ESTECH conference: Timothy Hoy and I received the 2009 IEST Maurice Simpson Technical Editors Award.

MISTA 2009

MISTA 2009 conference: I gave a talk at the conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Summer 2009

Summer, 2009, pool party: Debbie and Samuel Fomundam, Dan and Staci Fitzgerald (who is holding Noah Fomundam), I, and Stephanie Brown.


Spring 2010

Spring, 2010, commencement: Dr. Peyman Karimian and I at the reception at the Kim Engineering Building.

Summer 2010

Summer, 2010, pool party: I and Laury, Will, Ryland and Docia Herring, and Kevin and Heidi Koski.


INFORMS 2010 in Austin, Texas: Will Herring, Adam Montjoy, I, and Dennis Leber.


Spring 2011

Spring, 2011, lunch: Will Herring, Adam Montjoy, I, Heidi Koski, and JP Rock.

Spring 2011

Spring, 2011, Commencement: I, Michelle Houck, and Will Herring.

Pool party June 2011

Summer, 2011, pool party: Ryland, Dosia, and Will Herring; Dan and Staci Fitzgerald; I; Dennis, Maria, and Chase Leber; and Peyman Karimian.

Lunch August 2011

Summer, 2011, lunch: Zijie Yan, Adam Montjoy, Laura Holleville, JP Rock, and I.


NETI workshop photo

January, 2013, NETI workshop in Tampa, Florida: Brian Smith, Mary Fendley, Diana Schwerha, I, and Namkyu Park. (Photo credit: Rebecca Brent)

BIOCOUNTER Spring 2013 Thesis Conference

Spring, 2013, Gemstone Thesis Conference: BIOCOUNTER: Sebastian Serrano, Joshua Sloane, Darrell Schaeffer, Kyle Jamolin, Jonathan Saltzman, and Aaron Shim.


2014 pool party

June, 2014, pool party: I, Maria, Chase, Mason, and Dennis Leber, Jeff Rosenzweig, and Dan Fitzgerald. (Not pictured: Peter and Christine Lin.)


2018 graduates

May, 2018, spring semester: Pranay Kanagat, I, and Kunal Mehta at Potomac Pizza. Photo credit: Ruchir Patel.


2019 AFRL project team

Summer, 2019: The AFRL project team at Potomac Pizza. Photo courtesy of Dr. Michael Otte.


2021 Eashwar Sathyamurthy thesis defense

November, 2021: Shapour Azarm, Eashwar Sathyamurthy, and I at Eashwar's M.S. thesis defense. Photo taken by Michael Otte.


Commencement 2022

May, 2022: Michael Dawson, I, and Rafael Ropelato at the engineering commencement ceremony.

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