Gang Qu
Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and 
Institute for Systems Research (ISR) 

1417 A. V. Williams 
College Park, MD 20742 

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Current Students and Alumni:

For students who are interested in our research group, you are always welcome to drop me a copy of your resume and/or talk with us, my students and myself. It is also possible for you, particularly for current students in the University of Maryland, to join one of our research projects.

For students who are also looking for financial support, please go through the department's regular channel for Teaching Assistantship. I am not in charge of assigning TAs. I am currently very satisfied with my Research Assistants, and none of them is graduating in the near future. Consequently, there is no opening now.

A few (quite a few) words to new applicants:

Thank you for visiting this page and good luck.

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