Alexander Barg

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Office: AVW 2361
Phone: +1 301 405 7135

Postal address:
Department of ECE
University of Maryland
8223 Paint Branch Dr.
College Park, MD 20742, USA
A. Patra and A. Barg (2022) Interior-point regenerating codes on graphs submitted for publication
A. Barg, O. Elishco, R. Gabrys, and E. Yaakobi (2022) Recoverable systems on lines and grids submitted for publication
A. Barg and G. Zémor (2021) High-rate storage codes on triangle-free graphs submitted for publication
[arXiv] [abstract]
A. Barg, P. Boyvalenkov, and M. Stoyanova (2021) Bounds for the sum of distances of spherical sets of small size submitted for publication
[arXiv] [abstract]
A. Patra and A. Barg (2022) Node repair on connected graphs IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
[arXiv] [doi] [abstract]
O Elishco, A. Barg (2022) Recoverable systems IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
[arXiv] [doi] [abstract] [talk]
A. Barg, Z. Chen, and I. Tamo (2022) A construction of maximally recoverable codes Designs, Codes and Cryptography
[arXiv] [doi] [abstract]
A. Barg (2021) Stolarsky's invariance principle for finite metric spaces Mathematika vol. 67 pp. 158-186
[arXiv] [doi] [abstract] [slides] [Notes]
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Some talks and tutorials

Stolarsky's invariance principle in finite metric spaces, 2020 [slides] [video]

Erasure codes for distributed storage and related problems
      2019 IEEE North Americal School on Information Theory (slides and video at NASIT'19)

Estimation of discrete distributions under local differential privacy [slides]

Codes, metrics, and applications, Plenary at ISIT 2016 slides, video

Tutorial on codes with locality constraints, ISIT 2016, Barcelona (joint with Itzhak Tamo)

Infinite association schemes: New applications of harmonic analysis in combinatorics, UMD Norbert Wiener Center (2015). YouTube

Books edited
Discrete Geometry and Algebraic Combinatorics American Math. Soc. Contemporary Math., vol. 625, 2014

Algebraic Coding Theory and Information Theory American Math. Soc., 2005 (vol.68, AMS-DIMACS series).

Codes and Association Schemes American Math. Soc., 2001 (vol.56, AMS-DIMACS series).