Edward Chang - changman@glue.umd.edu
Eddie is a graduating senior who will pursue his M.S. at Maryland in the Spring of 2000 for reasons that remain unknown.

Elaine Cheong - elainec@eng.umd.edu
Elaine is the only one who is not an ME - she's an electrical engineering senior who works feverishly at the SERTS lab.... rumor has it that she doesn't sleep at all.
Anthony Gino - gino@glue.umd.edu
Anthony is a bubbly guy who's favorite line is, "Hey guys!"  He spends many a hour at the FutureTruck Lab working on another award-winning vehicle.
Thomas Griffith - grif@wam.umd.edu
Tom is quite the machinist and bike enthusiast.  He can operate a drill press like you've never seen... and he really loves bearings.
Phil Rowland - mongoose@wam.umd.edu
Phil's the resident Navy guy/ASME lounge rat.  He can be found looking EXACTLY like this during team meetings.... when his Rams are losing.