A Thumbnail History of Electronics

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Table of Contents

I.    CATHODE RAYS AND THE DISCOVERY OF THE ELECTRON:  Crookes, Braun, Roentgen, Thomson, Millikan
II.  WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY:  Hertz, Branly, Lodge, Marconi
III.  VACUUM TUBES:   Edison, Fleming, De Forest, Coolidge, Schottky, Langmuir

IV.  RADIO:   Fessenden, Armstrong, Hazeltine, Black

V.  TELEVISION:  Baird, Farnesworth, Zworykin

VI.  RADAR:  Watson-Watt, Loomis, Rabi, Alvarez, Purcell, Dicke
VII.  ELECTRONS AND WAVES:  Boltzmann, Planck, DeBroglie, Schrödinger, Fermi, Dirac, Bloch, Peierls, Wilson
VIII. TRANSISTORS:  Southworth, Ohl, Lark-Horovitz, Shockley, Brattain, Bardeen
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