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The Mid-Atlantic Biochemical Engineering Consortium (MABEC) was originally organized by Art Humphrey (then at the University of Pennsylvania) and Bob Kelly (then at the Johns Hopkins University) in 1987 to provide an opportunity for biochemical engineering* graduate students and faculty in the mid-Atlantic region to get together and learn about each other's work. The consortium members range from Rutgers University at the northern end to North Carolina State University at the southern end. We are physically located within easy driving distances. Combined, we represent a significant fraction of the biochemical engineering activities in the country. With one exception, the group has met annually since its formation, occasionally with extra industrially oriented symposiums. The meetings have consistently followed a format which emphasizes students making presentations of their ongoing work in a formal setting, similar to that in the national meetings of professional societies. Each participating university selects one oral presentation and a number of poster presentations. In addition, industrial keynote speakers relate their invaluable experience from the prospective of the battle ground.

*"Biochemical engineering" is to be interpreted in a loose sense to include biotechnology and bioengineering.

We invite our industrial colleagues to attend our annual gathering to

Participating Universities (in alphabetical order) and Departments

Faculty Contacts

Professor University Email (click here for a list)
Margot Vigeant Bucknell
Nily Dan Drexel
Anthony Lowman Drexel
Young H. Lee Drexel
Rajakannu Mutharasan Drexel
Margaret A. Wheatley Drexel
Steven Wrenn Drexel
George A. Truskey Duke
Michael J. Betenbaugh Johns Hopkins
Marc Ostermeier Johns Hopkins
James T. Hsu Lehigh
Jason M. Haugh NC State Univ.
Robert M. Kelly NC State Univ.
David F. Ollis NC State Univ.
Steven W. Peretti NC State Univ.
Wayne R. Curtis Penn State
David W. Wood Princeton
Henrik Pedersen Rutgers
Prabhas V. Moghe Rutgers
Charles M. Roth Rutgers
Prasad Dhurjati U. Delaware
Anne Skaja Robinson U. Delaware
Douglas D. Frey U. Maryland, Baltimore
Theresa Good U. Maryland, Baltimore
Mark R. Marten U. Maryland, Baltimore
Antonio R. Moreira U. Maryland, Baltimore
Gregory F. Payne U. Maryland, Baltimore
Govind Rao U. Maryland, Baltimore
Julia M. Ross U. Maryland, Baltimore
Timothy Barbari U. Maryland, College Park
William E. Bentley U. Maryland, College Park
John P. Fisher U. Maryland, College Park
Maria Klapa U. Maryland, College Park
Nam Sun Wang U. Maryland, College Park
William A. Weigand U. Maryland, College Park
Eric T. Boder U. Penn
David J. Graves U. Penn
Daniel A. Hammer U. Penn
Scott L. Diamond U. Penn
Mohammad Ataai U. Pittsburgh
Paul Frymier U. Tennessee
Giorgio Carta U. Virginia
Erik J. Fernandez U. Virginia
Roseanne M. Ford U. Virginia
John L. Gainer U. Virginia
Donald J. Kirwan U. Virginia
William J. Kelly Villanova University
Anthony Guiseppi-Elie Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
Kim Forsten Virginia Tech

Past MABEC Meetings

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