Nam Sun Wang

Nam Sun Wang
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
and Bioengineering Graduate Program
A. James Clark School of Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-2111

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Recent Teaching Duties

CHBE250 Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering
CHBE446 Process Design
CHBE482 Biochemical Engineering
ENCH485 Biochemical Engineering Laboratory
ENCH620 Methods of Engineering Analysis


Research Interests

Current Graduate Research Supervision

Wang Ge, M.S.
Ocular drug delivery with contact lenses.
Yang Yang, Ph.D.
Body-on-a-chip: a multi-organ microphysiological platform for drug testing.
Louis Coplan, Ph.D.
Cell culture for gene therapy vectors.
Dennis Dimarco, Ph.D.
Biomanufacturing process identification and control.

Past Graduate Research Theses Supervised

Cesar Torres Luna, Ph.D.
Therapeutic Contact Lenses For Extended Drug Delivery.
Paul Shriner, Ph.D.
Auto-Induction of Green Fluorescent Protein Using the Ara Operon in High Cell Density Fermentation.
Joyce Catherine Breger, Ph.D.
Design of Click Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation.
Jeffrey Adijanto, Ph.D.
Metabolic Acid Transport in Retinal Pigment Epithelium.
Weng Ian Cynthia Ng, M.S.
Evaluation of the Transcription of Small RNA SgrS and Glucose Transporter mRNA ptsG in E. coli B and E. coli K Cultures under High Glucose Conditions.
David Leonardo Ramos Sanchez, M.S.
Microbial Hydrocarbon Production from Glycerol by Clostridium.
Stefanie Ellen Brady, M.S.
The Effect of Hyper-Osmotic Conditions on the Growth, Metabolism, and Specific Antibody Productivity of a GS-NS0 Cell Line.
Quanzeng Wang, Ph.D.
Determination of Tissue Optical Properties with a Fiberoptic-Based Diffuse Reflectance System.
Patricia Amalia Gonzales-Hurato, Ph.D.
Proteomic Analysis of Human Urinary Exosomes.
Jonghoon Choi, Ph.D.
Silicon Nanocrystals: Biocompatible Fluorescent Nanolabel.
Joyce Catherine Breger, M.S.
Defining Critical Parameters for Producing and Modulating Inflammation Caused by Cell Encapsulating Alginate Microspheres.
Stephanie Heekyong Kim, Ph.D.
Analysis of Drug Delivery in the Eye using Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Yingli Fu, Ph.D.
Sustained Delivery and Pharmacodynamics of an Integrin Antagonist for Ocular Angiogenesis.
Jonghoon Choi, M.S.
Synthesis, Characterization, and Bio-Conjugation of Silicon Nanocrystal.
Quanzeng Wang, M.S.
Biomethanol Conversion from Sugar Beet Pulp with Pectin Methyl Esterases.
Susan Shu-Hsun Lee, M.S.
Ocular Barriers To Transscleral Drug Delivery And Pharmacokinetics Of An Episcleral Implant.
Allan Emerson David, Ph.D.
Immobilization of Enzymes on Nanoporous Silica Composites.
Hyuncheol Kim, Ph.D.
Study of Ocular Transport of Drugs Released from a Sustained Release Device.
Sirintip Catithammanit, Ph.D.
Production and Secretion of Urease from Thermophilic Bacillus sp. #408.
Hyuncheol Kim, M.S.
Methods to Study Controlled Drug Release in the Vitreous Humor.
Ibrahim Sei, Ph.D.
Spectroscopy-Based Chemical Process Monitoring.
Cheng-Chung Chou, Ph.D.
Virus Production in an Insect Cell Culture for Biological Insect Control.
Sylvia Reshelle Francis, M.S.
The Use of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Monitor a Dry Powder Mixture and Define an Index of Mixing.
Sigfrido Hernandez, M.S.
Use of Oscillator Load Pull Technology to Measure Moisture Accumulation in Adsorbents.
Paul Shriner, M.S.
Purification of a Urease from a Thermophile Using a Reversible Inhibitor as an Affinity Ligand.
Anne Lin, M.S.
Simultaneous Quantification of Several Constituents in Insect Cell Culture Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.
Julie Lin, M.S.
A Comparative Study on the Different Aspects of the Fiber Optic Biosensor to Improve Its Performance: Immobilization Methods, Fiber Geometry, and Fiber Regeneration.
Shih-Ying Chang, Ph.D.
Polymer Characterization with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.
Yuh-Chyun Wey, Ph.D.
On-Line Monitoring of Fermentation Processes with Fluorescence, Light Scatter, and Near-Infrared Techniques.
Ming He, Ph.D.
On-Line Monitoring and Modeling of Biochemical Processes with Neural Network, Fluorescence, and NIR Techniques.
Cheng-Chung Chou, M.S.
A New Statistical Modeling Framework Considering the Distribution of Cellular States in a Cell Culture.
Jeng-Dar Yang, Ph.D.
Cell Inactivation by Bubbles in Mechanically Agitated Bioreactors.
Ricardo H. Dunia, M.S.
Application of Neural Networks to Gross Error Detection.
Nahid B. G. Araghi, M.S.
Measurement of Biomass in Suspended Solids by Fluorescence Spectrometry.
John W. Gunter, M.S.
The Use of Partial Least Squares to Quantify Biomixture Constituents from Fluorescence Measurements.
Kyung-Moon Park, M.S.
Alpha-Amylase Production and Separation in an Aqueous Two-Phase System with Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens.
Philippe J. B. Rinaudo, M.S.
Analysis of Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectra.

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