Due to a change in the UMCP system the PSpice program files are no longer available by ftp.

The files in the directory spicedsk comprise the full cd of the MicroSim evaluation version 8.0 of their design center with PSpice for Windows 32 bit systems. To get these copy all of the files seen at the following link into a cd

 PSpice version 8.0 evaluation cd 

If it is desired to run PSpice using transistors to be fabricated via the MOSIS 1.2 or 0.5 micron processes the data and schematic files should be installed. These files include the former bicmosis for 2.0 micron transistors and can be found at http://www.ee.eng.umd.edu/newcomb/bicmosis.htm. To go there click on
 data and schematic files for MOSIS transistors