Welcome to the Microsystems Laboratory VLSI page

The files cross listed below have various items of interest for vlsi designs.
  • PSpice simulation evaluation version 8.0 CD (directory of files) here

  • PSpice models, 2.0u, 1.2u,0.5u, 0.35u and BiCMOS data and schematic library files here

  • VLSI tiny chip pads here

  • MAGIC BiCMOS analog circuit layout palette here

  • Cadence-Virtuoso guide of Mr. Yicun Guo 08/10/18 here

  • MAGIC tutorial of Mr. J. Wilinski here

  • MAGIC summary of use commands here

  • Spice extraction from MAGIC, example here

  • Running Unix Spice here

  • VLSI devices test layout here

  • Analog VLSI Circuits - Layout and schematic files here

  • EE Department VLSI page here

  • Microsystems Laboratory home page here

     Click here for the MOSIS information home page.

    URL address: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/mslab-vlsi.html