Artificial Lobster Eye Research Group

Artificial Lobster Eye Vision System

The artificial lobster eye research group is an interdisciplinary group of researchers working to mimic compound eye visual systems and especially those of lobsters. Compound eyes appear to be of especial interest to VLSI structures. Research is conducted in four main areas:

The research is undertaken at the following facilities:
  1. VLSI designs
    under the direction of Professor Mona Zaghloul at the VLSI Design Laboratory of The George Washington University   at GWU
  2. Physiology and simulation programs
    under the direction of Professor Daniel K. Hartline at the Bekesy Laboratories of the University of Hawaii. Manoa   at Békésy Laboratory of Neurobiology, U. Hawaii
  3. CAD and chaotic effects
    under the direction of Professor Robert W. Newcomb at the Microsystems Laboratory of the University of Maryland, College Park
  4. Stopping of chaotic responses and biomedical applications
    under the direction of Profesor Laura M. Roa of the Grupo de Ingeniería Biomédica at the Universidad de Sevilla

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