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  • Course Description updated 01/25/17 (307S16Des.pdf) here

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    -------- Experiments ---------
  • Be sure to run Spice before coming to Lab for every circuit involved

  • Experiments of Professor Goldsman - Part I (file: part1_Goldsman.pdf) here

  • Experiments of Professor Goldsman - Lab6 (file: Lab6_Goldsman.pdf) here

  • 555 experiment (file: 555_expS17.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 01/30/17 (307_013017.pdf) here

  • Lecture notes of 02/06/17 (307_0206176.pdf) here

  • Lecture notes of 02/13/17 (307_021317.pdf) here

  • Lecture notes of 02/20/17 (307_022017.pdf) here

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  • Lecture notes of 03/27/17 (307_032717.pdf) here

  • Lecture notes of 04/03/17 (307_040317.pdf) here

  • Lecture notes of 04/10/17 (307_041017.pdf) here

    Spice model for CMOS 4007 transistors schematic (25KBytes; CMOS4007_model.pdf) here

    data sheet page for CMOS 4007 transistors schematic (4KBytes; CMOS4007_data.pdf ) here

    library file for breakout 4007 transistors (564Bytes; m4007_tran.lib ) here

    technique for creating breakout device models; updated 02/05/06 (2KBytes; break_models_instructs.txt ) here

    4007 NMOS and PMOS curves (36KBytes) here

    PSpice models for BJT 2N390x transistors here

    Data sheet for BJT 2N3904 npn transistors here

    Data sheet for BJT 2N3906 pnp transistors here

    BJT curves for 2N3904, 2N3906 & 2N2222 transistors here

    The files cross listed below have various items of interest for the course.
  • Microsystems Lab VLSI design page; Contains Spice models, MAGIC Layout tutorial, VLSI examples here

  • 303 Fall 2012 page; contains Spice models, data sheets, etc. here

    URL address, this page: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/courses/spring2017/307/ENEE307_spring2017.html