Welcome to the ENEE 434, Introduction to Neural Networks and Neurocomputing, Spring 2004, home page of R. Newcomb

  • Course Description updated 04/30/04(file: 434dS04des.pdf) here

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  • locations of some files of interest; updated 02/03/04 (file: info_nnet_files.txt ) here

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  • Term Paper Report Grading Form (file: ee434rpt_grd.pdf) here

  • Final Exam Study; updated 05/16/04 (file: finalstudy.pdf ) here

  • Take home portion of final exam; 05/11/04 (file: finaltkhmprt.pdf ) here

  • Class portion of final exam; 05/16/04 (file:434finalS04.pdf ) here

  • Final exam solutions Take Home portion; 05/20/04 (file:434final_THsols.pdf ) here

  • Final exam solutions In Class portion; 05/20/04 (file:434final_ICsols.pdf ) here

  • Midterm Exam Study updated 03/15/03 (file: mdtrmstudy.pdf ) here

    Sample Midterm Exam 03/21/02 (file: 434midterm02.pdf ) here

    Sample Midterm Exam 03/19/03 (file: 434midterm03.pdf ) here

  • Midterm Exam 03/18/04 (file: 434midterm.pdf ) here

    Midterm Exam Solutions (file: 434_midsols.pdf) here

    Homework problems for grading

    Homework set #1 of 02/05/04 updated 02/08/04; new due date = 02/17/04 (file: hmwrk1.pdf) here

    Homework set #1 solutions (file: hw1_solu.pdf) here

    Homework set #2 of 02/19/04; new due date Tu 03/02/04 (file: hmwrk2.pdf) here

    Homework set #3 new due date = Th 03/11/04 (file: hmwrk3.pdf) here

  • Solutions to Homework set #3 (file: hw3_solu.pdf) here

    Some Lecture notes in pdf form from tablet int format; MatLab runs not included

    Lecture set 02/03/04 (file: 434_020304.pdf) here

    Lecture set 02/10/04 (file: 434_021004.pdf) here

    Lecture set 02/12/04 (file: 434_021204.pdf) here

    Lecture set 02/17/04 (file: 434_021704.pdf) here

    Lecture set 02/19/04 (file: 434_021904.pdf) here

    Lecture set 02/24/04 (file: 434_022404.pdf) here

    Lecture set 02/26/04 (file: 434_022604.pdf) here

    including recursive maxnet (file:Zurada_maxnet.pdf) here

    and nonrecursive maxnet (file:Lipmann_maxnet.pdf) here

    Lecture set 03/09/04 (file: 434_030904.pdf) here

    Lecture set 03/11/04 (file: 434_031104.pdf) here

    including Hopfield dynamic NNet symmetric weight calculation (file:Hopfield_ex2.pdf) here

    Lecture set 03/16/04 (file: 434_031604.pdf) here

    The files cross listed below have various items of interest for the course.
  • Microsystems Lab VLSI design page here

    Contains Spice models, MAGIC Layout tutorial, VLSI examples

    URL address: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/courses/spring2004/434/ENEE434_spring2004.html