Welcome to the ENEE 302, Digital Electronics, Spring 2004, home page of R. Newcomb

  • Course Description, updated 04/30/04 (file: 302S04des.pdf) here

  • Course Time Schedule updated 04/30/04(file: 302S04tim.pdf) here

  • Paper Choices updated 04/25/04 (file: 302_pprchoic.pdf) here

  • Paper Presentation Schedule updated 04/22/04 (file: 302_preschd.pdf) here

  • Oral Presentation Information, updated 03/22/04 (302pres_info.pdf) here

  • Design Report Grading Form (ee302rpt_grd.pdf) here

  • Final Study Points updated 05/16/04 (finalstudy.pdf) here

  • Final Exam 05/19/04 (302finalS04.pdf) here

  • Final Exam solutions 05/20/04 (302final_sols.pdf) here

  • Midterm Exam study update 03/15/04 (file: mdtrmstudy.pdf ) here

  • Sample Midterm Exam (file: 302midterm.pdf) here

    Sample Midterm Exam solutions here (files: midtrm_sol1,2,3.GIF)
  • question 1 here
  • question 2 here
  • question 3 here
  • Midterm Exam (file: 302midterm.pdf) here


    First homework set updated 02/05/04; new due date = 02/17/04 (hmwrk1.pdf) here

    Second homework set 02/19/04 (hmwrk2.pdf) here

    Third homework set 03/02/04: new due date 03/16/04 (hmwrk3.pdf) here

    Fourth homework set 04/08/04 new due date 04/20/04 (hmwrk4.pdf) here

    Some Lecture notes in pdf form from tablet int format

    Lecture set of 02/03/04 (file: 302_020304.pdf) here

    Lecture set of 02/05/04 (file: 302_020504.pdf) here

    Lecture set of 02/10/04 (file: 302_021004.pdf) here

    Lecture set of 02/17/04 (file: 302_021704.pdf) here

    Lecture set of 02/19/04 (file: 302_021904.pdf) here

    Lecture set of 02/26/04 (file: 302_022604.pdf) here

    Lecture set of 03/09/04 (file: 302_030904.pdf) here

    Lecture set of 03/11/04 (file: 302_031104.pdf) here

    Lecture set of 03/16/04 (file: 302_031604.pdf) here

    The files listed below have various items of interest for the course.

    PSpice version 8 zipped files (65MBytes) here

    Spice bicmos12 model library file (20KBytes) here

    PSpice bicmos12 schematic library files (23KBytes) here

    PSpice schematic figure and runs for CMOS curves (45KBytes) here

    PSpice *.sch file for NMOS and PMOS curves (3.4KBytes) here

    PSpice *.sch file for CMOS inverter curves (3.3KBytes) here

    The files cross listed below also have various items of interest for the course.

    Microsystems Lab VLSI design page here

    Contains Spice models, MAGIC Layout tutorial, VLSI examples

    URL address: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/corses/spring2004/ENEE302_Spring2004.html