Welcome to the ENEE 417, Microelectronics Design Laboratory, Spring 2003, home page of R. Newcomb

  • Course Description (417desS03.pdf) here

  • Course Time Schedule (417timS03.pdf) here

  • Paper Presentation Schedules (PRSNSCED.pdf) here

    ------- Weekly Experiments ------
  • Week #1 & 2 familiarization with lab, LabView, DAQ, MAGIC (1st_2-weeks.pdf) here

  • Weeks #3-#4 Op-amp curve tracer (3rd_4th-weeks.pdf) here

  • Weeks #5-#6 MOS Vthreshold extractor and curves (5th_6th-weeks.pdf) here

  • Weeks #7 Ring Oscillator designs and vlsi layout (7th-week.pdf) here

  • Weeks #8-13 Base Paper designs and vlsi layout (8th_13th-weeks.pdf) here

    The files cross listed below have various items of interest for the course.
  • Microsystems Lab VLSI design page here

    Contains Spice models, MAGIC Layout tutorial, VLSI examples

    URL address, this page: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/courses/spring2003/417/ENEE417_spring2003.html