Welcome to the ENEE 610, Electrical Network Theory, Fall 2020, home page of R. Newcomb

The textbook is available on line for purchase at the web address www.jaicobooks.com. The editor R.H. Sharma can be reached at email Jaicopub@vsnl.com and the publisher at the postal address: Jaico Publishing House, 121 M. G. Road, Mumbai 23, India. The author may still have several copies of the book and has been happy to sell them to the students who need to have it. He can be reached at "Peikari, Behrouz" bxp@engr.smu.edu

  • Course Description updated 08/31/20 (file: 610desF20.doc) here

  • Course Time Schedule updated 11/03/20 (file: 610timF20.doc) here

  • Course Paper Choices updated 11/18/20 (file: 610F20_pprs.pdf) here

  • Paper Presentation Schedule updated 11/25/20 (file: 610F20present_schd.doc) here

  • Homework problem solution assignments updated 12/01/20 (file: 610F20sols_schd.doc) here

  • Base Paper Description (file: 610ppr_des_F20.doc) here

  • Base Paper Report Grading Form (file: ee610rpt_grd_F20.doc) here

  • Final Exam study points, updated 12/06/20 (file: final_studyPts.docx) here

  • Final Exam (file: 610F20finalversionexm.pdf) here

  • Final Exam Solutions, fall 2020 (file: final_sols_F20.pdf) here

  • Homework problems

  • Homework set #1 dated 09/02/20 new due date Tu 09/15/20 (file: 610F20Hmwrk1.doc) here

  • Homework set #2 due Tu 09/22/20 (file: 610F20Hmwrk2.doc) here

  • Homework set #3 due Tu 09/29/20 (file: 620F20Hmwrk3.doc) here

  • Homework set #4 due Tu 10/06/20 (file: 620F20Hmwrk4.doc) here

  • Homework set #5 due Tu 10/13/20 (file: 610F20Hmwrk5.doc) here

  • Homework set #6 due Tu 10/20/20 (file: 620F20Hmwrk6.doc) here

  • Homework set #7 due Tu-Th 10/27-29/20 (file: 610F20Hmwrk7.pdf) here

  • Homework set #8 due Th 11/05/20 (file: 610F20Hmwrk8.pdf) here

  • Homework set #9 due Tu 11/10/20 (file: 610F20Hmwrk8.pdf) here

  • Homework set #10 due Th 11/17/20 (file: 610F20Hmwrk10.pdf) here

  • Class lectures

  • Lecture #1 of Tu 09/01/20{Organize; Overview of course} (file: ENEE 610_090120.pdf) here

  • Lecture #2 of Th 09/03/20 {KVL,KCL,graph, cut & tie sets} (file: ENEE 610_090320.pdf) here

  • Lecture #3 of Tu 09/08/20 [setting up semistate, linear Av=Bi; circuit & semistate equations] (file: ENEE 610_090820.pdf) here

  • Lecture #4 of Th 09/10/20 (Av=Bi, case B=identity, Y equations; 1st order ODE circuit) (file: ENEE 610_091020.pdf) here

  • Lecture #5 of Tu 09/15/20 (Y,Z,S, terminated 2-ports) (file: ENEE 610_091520.pdf) here

  • Lecture #6 of Th 09/17/20 (S, L and transformer from gyrator) (file: ENEE 610_091720.pdf) here

  • Lecture #7 of Tu 09/22/20 (Constant R circuits) (file: ENEE 610_092220.pdf) here

  • Lecture #8 of Th 09/24/20 ( S=S2*S1, L2 functions, ) (file: ENEE 610_092420.pdf) here

  • Lecture #9 of Tu 09/29/20 (Y for Circulator, transformer loading, state from semistate) (file: ENEE 610_092920.pdf) here

  • Lecture #10 of Th 10/01/20 (NICs, inversion of Laplace transform SVD) (file: ENEE 610_100120.pdf) here

  • Lecture #11 of Tu 10/06/20 (PR lossless, nullor, scaling) (file: ENEE 610_100620.pdf) here

  • Lecture #12 of Th 10/08/19 cancelled due to server down

  • Lecture #13 of Tu 10/13/20 (lossless canonical form) (file: ENEE 610_101320.pdf) here

  • Lecture #14 of Th 10/15/20 (2nd Cauer; poles at infinity via semistate; Schmitt trigger) (file: ENEE 610_101520.pdf) here

  • Lecture #15 of Tu 10/20/20 (Richards' function ) (file: 610_101519.pdf) here

  • Lecture #16 of Th 10/22/20 ( V2/V1 ladder synthesis ) (file ENEE 610_102220.pdf) here

  • Lecture #17 of Tu 10/27/20 update 10/28 (partial pole removal, curve tracers) (file: ENEE 610_102720.pdf) here

  • Lecture #18 of Th 10/29/20 (constant R latticc) (file: ENEE 610_102920.pdf) here

  • Lecture #19 of Tu 11/03/20 (OTA & use in state eqs., lattice to bridge tee) (file: ENEE 610_110320.pdf) here

  • Lecture #20, Th 11/05/20 (corrections, adjoint, sensitivity) (file: ENEE 610_110520.pdf) here

  • Lecture #21, Tu 11/10/20 (op-amp loaded wih C) (file: ENEE 610_111020.pdf) here
  • Lecture #22, Th 11/12/20 (finish Sensitivity; state to Ycoupling) (file: ENEE 610_111220.pdf) here
  • Items of interest:

  • complex Richards' extraction (file: complex_Richards.pdf) here

  • MathCad code for synthesis via Bott-Duffin example (file: BttDuff_calc.xmcd) here

  • MathCad for synthesis via Bott-Duffin example written pages (file: BttDuff_calc_2.doc.docx) here

  • Location of Cadence S-Parameter PSpice application note of 12/2008 (file: www.cadence.com/rl/Resources/application_note/S-Parameter_Data_appnote.pdf) If this link does not work go to cadence.com and search application_note/S-Parameter_Data_appnote here or here

  • Path to bicmos12.lib file for PSpice in VCL: C:\Cadence\SPB_17.2\tools\capture\library\pspice\bicmos12.lib

  • The files cross listed below have various items of interest for the course.

  • The PSpice file for the part Gvalue is ABM, that for PARAM is SPECIAL, and that for the CA3600 (=same as CMOS 4007 full package) is ANL_MISC

    Microsystems Lab VLSI design page at http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/mslab-vlsi.html click here

    Contains Spice models, Cadence and MAGIC Layout tutorials, VLSI examples and Spice version 8.0 evaluation cd added 09/10/06

    URL address, this page: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/courses/fall2020/610/ENEE610_fall2020.html