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  • TI Watch Topics updated 10/30/17 watch = eZ430-Chronos Development Tool (file: watch_topicsF17.pdf) here

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  • final exam of 12/19/16 (303F17Final.pdf) here

  • final exam solutions, fall 2017 (final_solutionsF17.pdf) here


    First homework set; due date Tu 09/12/17 (303F17hmwrk1.pdf) here

    Solutions of Guangyao SHI to First homework set (HW1-answer.docx) here

    Second homework set new due date Th 09/21/17 (303HF15hmwrk2.pdf) here

    Solutions of Guangyao SHI to Second homework set (HW2answer.docx) here

    Third homework set due date Th 09/28/17 (303F17hmwrk3.pdf) here

    Solutions of Guangyao SHI to Third homework set (HW3-Solution-2.0.docx) here

    Fourth homework set new due date Th 10/17/17 (303F17hmwrk4.pdf) here

    Solution of Guangyao SHI to Fourth homework set (HW4-solution.docx) here

    Fifth homework set new due date Tu 10/17/17 (303F17hmwrk5.pdf) here

    Solution of Guangyao SHI to Fifth homework set (HW5-solution.docx) here

    Sixth homework set new due date Tu 10/24/17 (303F13hmwrk6.pdf) here

    Items to consider for learning course material
    Some Lecture notes in pdf form from tablet int format

    Lecture 1: set of Tu 08/29/17 updated 08/31/16 [organize; transistor symbols] (file: 303_082917.pdf) here

    Lecture 2: set of Th 083117 updated [diode, Q point, load line,nonlinear ODE] (file: 303_083117.pdf) here

    Lecture 3: set of Tu 09/05/17 [Spice use, Diodes, biasing](file: 303_090517.pdf) here

    Lecture 4: set of Th 09/07/17 [ gnd base amp, MOS transistors](file: 303_090717.pdf) here

    Lecture 5: set of Tu 09/12/17 (NMOS, gm, gd and Y equivalent circuits) (file: 303_091217.pdf) here

    Lecture 6: set of Th 09/14/17 (Spice for biasing, bias of MOS)(file: 303_091417.pdf) here

    Lecture 7: set of Tu 09/19/17 (Y matrix, pi equivalent circuits) (file: 303_091917.pdf) here

    Lecture 8: set of Th 09/21/17 (CMOS pi equivalent, biasing) (file: 303_092117.pdf) here

    Lecture set 9: of Tu 09/26/17 (fT, current mirrorsi) (file: 303_092617.pdf) here

    Lecture set 10: of Th 09/28/17 (MOS current mirrors) (file: 303_092817.pdf) here

    Lecture of Tu 10/03/17 ( OTA, output y, Thevenin's theorem) (file: 303_100317.pdf) here

    Lecture set of Th 10/05/17 (differential pair BJT eqs.) (file: 303_100517.pdf) here

    Lecture set of Tu 10/10/17 (MOS differential pair eqs; indefinite Y) (file: 303_101017.pdf) here

    Lecture set of Th 10/12/17 (nonlinear multiplier; Vthev) (file: 303_101217.pdf) here

    Lecture set of Tu 10/17/17 (2-port Thevenin, inveters, ring osc) (file: 303_101717.pdf) here

    Lecture set of Th 10/19/17 ( logic gates) (file: 303_101917.pdf) here

    Lecture set of Tu 10/24/17 check up-dates (exam like circuits) (file: 303_102417.pdf) here

    Lecture set of Th 10/31/17 ( Riccati eq,) (file: 303_103117.pdf) here

    The files listed below have various items of interest for the course.

    PSpice diode model for 1N4007 here

    PSpice Anl_misc.lib (text file) with CMOS 4007 model [use the CA 3600 which is equivalent] (25Kbytes) here

    PSpice Anl_misc.slb (text file) for CMOS 4007 package [for use in PSpice versions less or equal to 8] (30Kbytes) here

    PSpice Anl_misc.olb (machine language) file with CMOS 4007 package [for use with versions 9 & 10; also need to load Anl_misc.lib in the simulation profile] (50Kbytes) here

    The PSpice bicmos12 model library file is available for loading in the vcl version of PSpice at the path c:\cadence\SPB_16.6\tools\capture\library\pspice\bicmos12.lib This needs to be loaded in the library portion of the configuration files under edit simulation profile menu

    The PSpice file for the part Gvalue is ABM, that for PARAM is SPECIAL, and that for the CA3600 (=same as CMOS 4007 full package) is ANL_MISC

    Spice bicmos12 model library file (20KBytes) here

    PSpice bicmos12 schematic library files (23KBytes) here

    Path to Spice bicmos12.lib in VCL: C:\Cadence\SPB_16.6\tools\capture\library\pspice\bicmos12.lib

    PSpice versions 9 & 10 bicmos12.olb schematic library files (25KBytes) here

    Spice model for CMOS 4007 transistors schematic (25KBytes; CMOS4007_model.pdf) here

    data sheet page for CMOS 4007 transistors schematic (4KBytes; CMOS4007_data.pdf ) here

    library file for breakout 4007 transistors (564Bytes; m4007_tran.lib ) here

    technique for creating breakout device models; updated 02/05/06 (2KBytes; break_models_instructs.txt ) here

    4007 NMOS and PMOS curves (36KBytes) here

    PSpice m4007_trancrvs.sch file for 4007 NMOS and PMOS curves (3.6KBytes) here

    PSpice m4007_transcrvs.lib file for 4007 NMOS and PMOS curves (586Bytes) here

    PSpice BIPOLAR.LIB model file for BJT transistors (414KBytes) here

    PSpice BIPOLAR.SLB schematic file for BJT transistors (160KBytes) here

    PSpice vers 9+ BIPOLAR.OLB file for BJT transistors (549KBytes) here

    PSpice models for BJT 2N390x transistors here

    Data sheet for BJT 2N3904 npn transistors here

    Data sheet for BJT 2N3906 pnp transistors here

    BJT curves for 2N3904, 2N3906 & 2N2222 transistors here

    PSpice schematic figure and runs for CMOS curves (45KBytes) here

    PSpice library for TMSC 180nanoMeter transistors; use with Nbreak and Pbreak transistors by copying individually into "edit PSpice model" and loading this library file in the "edit simulation profile" (file: tsmc180nmcmos.lib; added 04/18/10) here

    Microsystems Lab VLSI design page here

    Contains Spice models, MAGIC Layout tutorial, VLSI examples

    URL address: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/courses/fall2017/303/ENEE303_fall2017.html