Welcome to the ENEE 698e, Microelectronics Seminar, Fall 2007, home page of R. Newcomb

  • Course Description (698edesF07.pdf) here

  • Course Time Schedule updated 10/31/07 (698etimF07.pdf) here

  • The files cross listed below have various items of interest for the course.

    Microsystems Lab VLSI design page here

    Contains Spice models, MAGIC Layout tutorial, VLSI examples with PSpice evaluation version 8.0 CD added 09/10/06

  • Course Powerpoint presentation files 1st 12/04/07 and 2nd presenter 12/04/07

    URL address, this page: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~newcomb/courses/fall2007/698e/ENEE698e_fall2007.html