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Welcome to the ENEE 610, Electrical Network Theory, Fall 2007, home page of R. Newcomb

The textbook is now available on line for purchase at the web address The editor R.H. Sharma can be reached at email and the publisher at the postal address: Jaico Publishing House, 121 M. G. Road, Mumbai 23, India. The author has several copies of the book from India and will be happy to sell them to the students who need to have it. He can be reached at "Peikari, Behrouz"

  • Cadence OrCAD Demo Software now available at [added 10/05/07] click here

  • Course Description updated 08/29/07 (file: 610desF07.pdf) here

  • Course Time Schedule updated 08/19/07 (file: 610timF07.pdf) here

  • Course Paper Choices updated 09/21/07 (file: 610F2007_pprs.pdf) here

  • Paper Presentation Schedule updated 09/21/07 (file: presentF07_schd.pdf) here

  • 2nd Oral Presentation Information (file: ee6102ndpres_info.pdf) here

  • Term Paper Description (file: 610pprdes.pdf) here

  • Term Paper Report Grading Form (file: ee610rpt_grd.pdf) here

  • Final Exam Study, updated 12/05/07 (file: final_study.pdf) here

  • Final Exam [#3 modified 12/13/07] (file: 610finl.pdf) here

  • Final Exam Solutions, 12/19/07 (file: 610F04_finalsols.pdf) here

  • Homework problems for grading

  • Homework set #1 due W 09/12/07 (file: hmwrk1.pdf) here

  • Homework set #1 solutions [still needs some addition](file: hw1_sol.pdf ) here

  • Homework set #2 new due date M 09/24/07 (file: hmwrk2.pdf) here

  • Homework set #2 solutions [still needs one correction](file:hw2_sol.pdf ) here

  • Homework set #3 new due date W 10/03/07 (file: hmwrk3.pdf) here

  • Homework set #3 - solutions (file:hw3_sol.pdf) here

  • Homework set #4 new due dat M 10/15/07 (file: hmwrk4.pdf) here

  • Homework set #4 - solutions (file: hw4_sol.pdf) here

  • Lecture notes usually reproduced from class files.

  • Lecture of W 08/29/07, (file: EE610_082907.pdf) here

  • Lecture of W 09/05/07 , (file: EE610_090507.pdf) here

  • Lecture of M 09/10/07 (file: EE610_091007.pdf) here

  • Lecture of M 09/17/07 (file: EE610_091707.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 09/19/07 (file: EE610_091907.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 09/24/07 (file: EE610_092407.pdf) here

  • Lecture of GTF of 09/26/06 Revised 10/10/07 (file: ENEE610_26SEPT2007_NOTES_R.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 10/01/07 (file: EE610_100107.pdf) here

  • Lecture of W 10/03/07 (file: EE610_100307.pdf) one T-->-T corrected here

  • Lecture of 10/08/07 (file: EE610_100807.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 10/10/07 corrections of 10/12/07 (file: EE610_101007.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 10/15/07 (file: EE610_101507.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 10/17/07 (file: EE610_1017076.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 10/22/07 updated 10/24/07 (file: EE610_102207.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 10/24/07 with addition 10/25/07 (file: EE610_102407.pdf) here

  • Lecture of 12/05/07 (file: EE610_120507.pdf) here

  • Items of interest:

  • complex Richards' extraction (file: complex_Richards.pdf) here

  • The files cross listed below have various items of interest for the course.
  • Microsystems Lab VLSI design page at click here

    Contains Spice models, MAGIC Layout tutorial, VLSI examples with PSpice version 8.0 evaluation cd added 09/10/06

    URL address, this page: