Doctoral Degrees Awarded Under Robert W. Newcomb
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Some Recent MS Theses
  • Mr. Juventino Rosas, "RF to DC Power Generation," 12/22/2003
  • Ms. Xinhua He, "VLSI Implementation of Roa's Neural Model," 07/30/2001
  • Mr. Lin Jia, "VLSI Realization of Four-Port Ear-Type Transmission Lattice Filters," 07/30/2001
  • Ms. Li Wang, "A Current Mode VLSI Degree Two Hysteresis Chaos Generator," 04/02/2001
  • Ms. Jun Wan, "Buffer Design for Gunning Transceiver Logic Plus System," 02/27/2001
  • Mr. Qin Kong, "Electronic Feedback Control of Mass-Spring Systems," 11/16/1984
  • Mr. Matthew Vinciguerra, "Minimization of the Number of Multiplications Required for Evaluation Modulo-m of Polynomial Functions and Applications to Arithmetic Circuit Design," 12/06/1984
  • Mr. Richard M. Hobbs, "Sloping Hysteresis Delta Modulator," U. of MD, 12/26/1985
  • Mr. Jerome G. Schaefer, "NMOS Transconductance Amplifier Utilizing Feed Forward Linearity Compensation and Gain Control," U. of MD, 04/07/1986
  • Mr. Zhong Ning Cai, "The Cubic Spline Technique for Curvature and Torsion Calculation in Robot Curve Following," U. of MD, 04/30/1986
  • Mr. Wenli Yu, "The Bisection - CORDIC Algorithm," U. of MD, 12/04/1986
  • Ms. Hanaa Youssef, "An Enhancement Mode CMOS Voltage-Controlled Linear Resistor with Wide Dynamic Range," U. of MD, 05/1989
  • Ms. Xiaowen Xu, "A Microprocessor-Based Tilt Control System - The Control Algorithm," U. of MD, 1989
  • Mr. Marc de Savigny, "Pulse Coded Neuron Realizing Digital Functions," U. of MD, 05/1991
  • Mr. Jia Ming, "Adaptive Control of a Robotic Gripper Holding Unknown Shape Changeable Objects," U. of MD, 05/1991
  • Mr. Donald Wesley Carter, Jr., "Applications of Lattice Networks to Modern Computer Controlled Manufacturing," U. of MD, 07/1991
  • Ms. Savitha Balakrishnan, "VLSI Design of Transmission Lattice Filter Sections," U. of MD, 05/1992