University of Maryland, College Park
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Research

for Computer Engineering / Computer Science Undergraduate Students

Sometimes I have openings for undergraduates to assist in research work. Undergraduate students can assist faculty members, graduate students, and possibly some of the department's industrial affiliates, in their research. The experience gained by this research will be beneficial to obtain scholarships, fellowships, and internships with industry.

My research and education focuses on developing advanced hardware and software technology for next-generation processors. Current research activity focuses on microarchitectural techniques and compilation techniques to further speed up general-purpose computers.

Junior students will begin their work by focusing on web page design, electronic publishing, literature searches, small programming and testing in the UNIX environment, and other miscellaneous duties, until the student is familiar with the environment. Subsequently, the student gradually gets involved in more technical work, such as learning computer architecture related software tools. Within a few weeks, the student will have learned how to modify these tools to perform quantitative studies and to evaluate different design decisions.

Enthusiastic and motivated juniors in computer engineering, who are maintaining a GPA of 3.3 or higher, and have taken (or currently taking) at least one programming course in C or C++ and ENEE 244 or equivalent, are encouraged to apply. If interested in the position, please send your resume, a cover letter, and a copy of your current unofficial UMD transcript to:

Prof. Manoj Franklin
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
1317 A.V. Williams Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Email: my first name @umd dot edu