Jon Orloff



Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering &

Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics

University of Maryland



Research Interests

        High resolution focused ion beams and their applications

        High brightness electron and ion sources



        B.S. M.I.T. 1964

        Ph.D. Oregon Graduate Institute 1977



Prof. Orloff worked for many years at the Oregon Graduate Institute where he developed high resolution focused ion beam (FIB) technology based on field emission ions sources, in particular the liquid metal ion source. This technology is an essential tool for semiconductor device fabrication and design. He has also been active in the development of high resolution SEM technology and, while a professor in Oregon, was primarily responsible for the commercialization of focused ion beam technology by FEI Company, of which he was one of the original four partners. Professor Orloff received an N.S.F. Career Award in 1984 and is a Fellow of I.E.E.E. and of A.A.A.S.


Example of FIB applications: IC cross sectioning

and scanning ion microscopy


Contact information:

Telephone: 1-301-405-5022


snail mail: Energy Research Facility

University of Maryland

College Park, MD 20742-3511 USA