Several people have asked me to make an updates page. I'm doing so reluctantly, because I know how lazy I am, and I don't think I'll be very good about actually keeping the updates page up-to-date. However, I will try it for a while, and see how it goes. You can still identify new links by the NEW ! tag.

9 June, 1999: Put announcement of new URL on the main page.

30 June, 1999: Huh. I looked at the Dragonsworn site today and saw that all of their features except for 'zine issue downloads are gone. So, I removed the links to the dead pages, and moved their main page from "All-purpose" to a new Fanzines category in "Fan Groups."

10 June, 1999: Removed "NEW !" tags from everything added in May. Added pages from "The Wheel of Time Treatise" to "all-purpose," "characters," and "setting."

7 June, 1999: Updated "faq" section to reflect the fact that the TPOD FAQ is now available.

23-25 May, 1999: Added a policy statement on what I will not link to, on the main page. Added new links in "art," "literary," "books," "games," "all-purpose," including several pages from "StoneDog"'s WOT site. Added Theoryland's links page to "Wandering," and their main page to "All-purpose." More Theoryland pages coming soon. Added Orbit and Natur och Kultur to the "book" section, and added NoK's RJ page to "non-english."

14-17 May, 1999: Added a bunch of webring pages in the "Wandering" section, and links to the "Fans" section. Added pages from the "WOT Calculus" and "Pages of Prophecy" site in the proper sections (even though the POP people say false things about the Index on their site, and don't even provide a link to here. *sniff*).

8 May, 1999: Added "Reference" section. Added links to "Art," "Miscellaneous," "Plot," "Non-English," "Games."

5 May, 1999: Continued weeding out dead links. Cleared dead stuff from "Games," "Humor," "Literary Efforts," "Music," "Software," "Misc," "Fan Groups" (Also fixed up the formatting of that section), "Essentials," and "Art."

4 May, 1999: Started on re-organization: merged Discussion Groups and Fan groups into one category, added "Non-English Sites," "Sofware and Web Page Accessories," and "Wandering the Web" categories, and moved the appropriate things out of "Miscellaneous" to these new sections. Renamed "World Stuff" as "Setting Info." Removed old "NEW !" tags in preparation for adding actual new links. Removed/revived dead links from "All-purpose," "Book Stuff," and "Characters."

26 February, 1999: Added new links to "All-Purpose." I also started adding blurbs for the older sites in "All-purpose," since all the newer ones have blurbs.

19 February, 1999: Added new links to "All-Purpose," "Art," "Discussion Forums," and "World Stuff." Updated links in "Book Stuff" and "Music." Created "updates" page, for what it's worth. Sorting through collected e-mail to find new sites to add. Peeves: 1. Blue type on red background. 2. Red type on blue background. 3. AOL's member-homepages webserver: slow, slow, slow.

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