John S. Baras

Patents and Invention Disclosures

“Method and System for CELP Speech Coding and Codebook for Use Therewith”, Patent Number: 5,371,853 (with Y.H. Kao) awarded December 1994.

“A System Design for a Hybrid Network Data Communications Terminal Using Asymmetric TCP/IP to Support Internet Applications”, Invention Disclosure Number: UM-94-030 (with D. Friedman, A. Ephremides, A. Falk, N. Suphasindhu, B. Johnson, T. Kirkwood), Software Application copyrighted to University of Maryland, 1995.

“Computer-Aided Determination of Window-and-Level for Filmless Radiology”, Patent Number: 6,127,669 (with N.D. Sidiropoulos) awarded October 2000.

“3D Wavelet Based Video Codec with Human Perceptual Model”, Patent Number: 7,006,568, (with J. Gu and Y. Jiang), awarded February 28, 2006.

“Communications Method”, Patent Number: 7,827,459 (with Xiaoming Zhou) awarded November 2, 2010

"Wireless Communication Method and System for Transmission Authentication at the Physical Layer", Invention Disclosure Number: IS-2007-079 (with P. Yu, B. Sadler), Patent Pending (filed March 2010).

“Method and Implementation for Key Generation and Replacement using Markov Models”, Invention Disclosure Number: IS-2008-112 (with P. L. Yu and B. M. Sadler), Patent Pending (filed October 2009).

“Method for Performance-aware Security of Unicast Communications in Hybrid Satellite Networks”, Invention Disclosure Number: IS-2008-I34 (with A. Roy-Chowdhury), April 2010. 

“Method for Efficient Source Authentication for Multicast Communications in Hybrid Satellite/Wireless Networks”, Invention Disclosure Number:  IS-2008-I35 (with A. Roy-Chowdhury), Patent Pending (filed April 2010).

“Methods for Estimating the Intrinsic Pattern of Fingerprint Scanners and Using it in Biometric Authentication and for Cryptographic Key Generation”, Invention Disclosure Number: IS-2009-023 (with V.I. Ivanov), Patent Pending, (filed July 2010).

"Novel Topology Selection and Broadcast Mechanism for Link State Stable Path Routing", Invention Disclosure Number: IS-2009-108 (with K. Somasundaram, K. Jain, V. Tabatabaee), October 2010.


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