Working Stress Design (WSD) of a Single Span Highway Bridge

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In this example, we use ALADDIN for the AASHTO Working Stress Design of a single-span highway bridge structure, with design rule checking. We will:


A plan and cross sectional view of a typical bridge system is shown in Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1 : Plan of Highway Bridge

Figure 2 : Typical Cross Section

The bridge girders are made of rolled beam W33x130 with a 14" X 3/4" steel cover plate. An elevation view of the bridge and the position of the steel cover plate is shown. The material properties are Fy = 50 ksi, and Es = 29000 ksi. The effective cross sectional properties of the composite steel/concrete girder (with and without the cover plate) are computed with n = Es/Ec = 10. The section properties are also shown.

Figure 3 : Elevation of Beam

Figure 4 : Section Properties (n = 10)

The bridge is subjected to dead and live external loadings. The design dead load includes 7 inches concrete slab, steel girder, and superimposed load. The design live load consists of a 72 kips HS-20 truck, which will be modeled as a single concentrated load moving load along the girder nodes.


The single-span bridge girder is modeled with 10 two-dimensional beam/column finite elements along the bridge length.

Figure 5 : Moment Diagram due to Dead Loads and Truck Loads

Figure 5 shows the Bending Moment Diagram due to Dead Loads and Truck Loads. Because this is a simply supported bridge, the maximum deflections and bending moment will occur at the mid-span.

Figure 6 : Influence line of bending moment at mid-span

Figure 6 shows the influence line for bending moment at the bridge mid-span.


With the bending moment and influence lines diagrams known, ALADDIN can check that the peak displacements, flexural stresses, and shear stresses, meet AASHTO WSD requirements. The ALADDIN statements:

 *  =========================================================
 *  WSD Code Checking for Deflections and Stress Requirements  
 *  =========================================================

   print "\n\nSTART ASD CODE CHECKING::\n";

/* Check computed deflections against allowable values */

   if( -impact*max_displ_live[1][2] > (1/800)*length ) then {
       print "\n\tWarning : (LL+I) deflection exceeds 1/800 span\n";
   } else {
       print "\n\tOK : (LL+I) deflection less than 1/800 span\n";

show, for example, how the maximum computed displacements are compared against AASHTO WSD requirements. A full listing of ALADDIN statements for design rule checking may be found at the end of the input file.


  1. Click here to visit the input file.
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