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Akin Akturk


akturka (at)


+1-301 405 3710 (work)


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2332 A.V. Williams Building


Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Maryland

A.V. Williams Building

College Park, MD 20742




















PhD, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at  University of Maryland, College Park, 2006

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14984_.gif Dissertation: "Thermal and Performance Modeling of Nanoscale MOSFETs, Carbon Nanotube Devices and Integrated Circuits"

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14984_.gif Advisor: Neil Goldsman


MS,  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at  University of Maryland College Park,  2001

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14984_.gif Thesis Title: “Investigation of Transient and DC Characteristics of CMOS Inverters”


BS,  Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at  Bilkent University, Turkey, 1999




Ph. D. Research Associate, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Maryland, 2006


Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Conducting nanotechnology research on modeling, simulation and investigation of integrated circuits and nanoscale electronics, including carbon nanotube devices, sub-micron MOSFETs and silicon-on-insulator MOSFETs.

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Investigating operation of devices and integrated circuits at cryogenic, room and high temperatures.

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Taught graduate class “ENEE611 Integrated Circuit Design and Analysis”, as a substitute instructor. 


Graduate Research Assistant, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Maryland, 2000-2006


Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Designed, tested and laid out chips using Cadence Virtuoso, and have them fabricated through fabrication clearing house MOSIS. These chips were used to investigate device and chip thermal performances at colder and hotter temperatures.

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Investigated operation of novel devices, and operation of electronics at cryogenic temperatures.

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Researched and developed simulators for electron transport in carbon nanotubes.

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Designed analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits, including phase locked loops (PLLs), low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) and frequency-modulation (FM) radio.


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Maryland, 1999-2000


Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Assisted and guided students in sophomore class “ENEE206 Fundamental Electric and Digital Circuit Laboratory”.

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Graded student reports for the ENEE206.

Description: C:\Users\Akin Akturk\Desktop\index_files\BD14980_.gif Taught, and guided students in, junior class “ENEE312 Semiconductor Devices and Analog Electronics”, as a substitute.    





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